Dr.KODAMA masami
European Integration and Comparative Politics

International Politics of Kurume University.
member of the European Union Studies Association-Japan.
Born in 1952 in Sasebo, Nagasaki, Japan.
Graduated from the Doshisha U. in Kyoto and the graduate school of Doshisha U.
Conferred Master of  Law of Doshisha U. in 1980
and Diploma of Advanced European Studies  from the College of Europe,Bruges, Belgium in 1985.
Conferred Doctor of  Laws of Kyushu U. in 2005.
The latest publication is EU, Political History of the Unification of Europe (NHK 2010 in Japanese).ISBN-10: 4149107440
member of the board of European Union Studies Association-Japan since 1998
I took part in the works of translations of SEA, TEU and the Treaty of Amsterdam into Japanese as a member of the team under the supervision of prof. Kanamaru, former dean professor of Doshisha University. Last two works were published with some comments from JETRO in Japan. My English articles on the EU were also introduced on the European Library of Agence Europe. You can find out them in the CD Rom version.
Prof Kodama's lectuers are being presented as a series of culture radio programme under the title of EU, Political History of the Unification of Europe through the nation wide radio broadcasting of NHK. Radio2 from January to March 2011.