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Wajyutukeisyukai is the oldest martial arts organizations have been working 28 years in Nagasaki home.

Yoshinori nisi under the name of the founder, the strength of the true demand, we are spread all over the country to various styles of dojo.
In Wajyutukeisyukaii, features, etc. are different Kick Boxing Boxing Wrestling Grappling Weapon art Aiki-jujutsu, judo, karate Letwhay style, with each branch dojo and fighting style comprehensive.

In our dojo, you can practice according to the purpose from Karate and Jiu-Jitsu class boy, who refers to the class of businessmen making physical fitness center, a professional fighter.
If you are looking for a gym dojo, once by all means, please come to the dojo of each Keisyukai.

Latest information

2012.9.4 NEW giraffe gym, Open free enrollment campaign Open campaign
2012.5 Author: Yoshinori Nishi. Win the battle in three weeks
2012.5.20 3rd championship
2012.5.6 The 25th Karate Championship Karate boy

Do you know the Letwhay Myanmar. All are allowed Kinteki-head-butt-joint elbow and investment gain, Letwhay ultimate martial arts exchange blows with bare hands.